After School Clubs

Fun currently runs 9 after school clubs at the following Verde Valley public elementary schools...

  • Beaver Creek Elementary School - Coached by teacher volunteers Jeff Clarke & Cody Kukulski - 15+ students. Club meets various days of the week.

  • Camp Verde Elementary School - Coached by Ed Mezulis - 12+ students. Club meets on Fridays.

  • Cottonwood Community School - Coached by teacher volunteer Emma Fitzhugh - 8 students. Club meets on Mondays.

  • Dr. Daniel Bright Elementary School in Cottonwood - Coached by Heather Klomparens and Jen Mayberry - 9 students. Club meets on Mondays.

  • Mountain View Preparatory in Cottonwood - Coached by teacher volunteer Theresa Romey - 7 students - Club meets on Tuesdays.

  • Oak Creek Elementary School in Cornville. Coached by Kevin Adams, Brad & Mary Viereck, Dennis & Patti Wyman, Scott & Joanie Hansen, Maher & Kelli Masri, Marty Glinsky, Dora Krenzelock, Rebecca Ellis, Ken Murray and Rhett Atkinson - 22+ students in two clubs. Clubs meet on Tuesday and Thursdays.

  • West Sedona Elementary School - Coached by Evan Puglia, Pam Milavec, Marlene Macek & Lori Gonzales - 11+ students. Club meets on Mondays

  • Clarkdale-Jerome Elementary School - Coached by Evan Puglia - 9+ students. Club meets on Tuesday and Thursdays.

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